I downloaded an M4V file from iTunes and it runs with Quicktime but I want to edit it in Windows Movie Maker, but when I go to open it with Windows Movie Maker, it doesn’t show up. What do I need to do to have it playable on Windows Movie Maker?

The video/movie files purchased from iTunes Store are under DRM protection. In order to import them into Windows Movie Maker for further editing, you need to remove iTunes DRM and convert the video from M4V to a format that Movie Maker accepts, like asf, avi, wmv, etc. By no means can the DRM protected content be loaded onto Windows Movie Maker for editing directly.

The ideal tool to convert iTunes video is DRM Media Converter. Now let me walk you through the steps to convert iTunes video from M4V to WMV so that you will be able to edit iTunes video in Windows Movie Maker.

1. Download and install DRM Media Converter onto your computer

Download DRM Media Converter

2. Add iTunes video files

convert iTunes video for Windows Movie Maker

Launch DRM Media Converter. Then you can import iTunes video into the program in three ways:

  • Load files by clicking the “Add…” button.
  • Directly drag and drop files to the left main window.
  • Right click on the left main window and click “Add files”.

3. Select the output format

By clicking the “Audio files to:” or “Video files to:” box, you can select the output format for the source video files. To convert iTunes video for Windows Movie Maker, you can choose WMV as the output format. And also do not forget to choose a folder to save the converted files.

4. Start to convert iTunes video

Click the “Start” button to start to convert iTunes video. When the conversion is done, you can get WMV files on the destination folder. From there you will be able to add them to your Windows Movie Maker project.