Aimersoft DRM Media Converter: Convert all your movies and music

I have always found it very annoying that my movies and videos from ITunes won’t play on my android devices. I wasted countless hours downloading and re-downloading them in hopes I could get them to work. Needless to say it ended in frustration every time. I had to find a program that was very simplistic and user friendly as I’m not very computer savvy. Not only is the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter easy to use, it converts a wide variety of formats including video and audio files.

In addition to using this on my ITunes files I’ve also been using this program to back up my granddaughter’s movies. If you have little ones you know how quickly movies get scratched and broken. Remember this only intended to be used with movies and audio you own.

DRM media converter review

Works flawlessly, combines multiple programs into one, and removes the DRM protection from audio and video files. In the past I’ve had to use separate programs for AVI, M4V, VOB, and XVID files. So I’m enjoying the convenience of this converter. I am not a fan of the speeds/length of time it takes to convert.

The 1st thing you will do is choose the file you want to convert. Then chose the file format you want to convert to and this is where you will choose to save your finished file. Just click start, and if you’ve done it correctly you’ll have a preview window on the right hand side that shows you the progress.