Aimersoft DRM Media Converter Review

When we want to listen to a new song or watch a new movie, we prefer to download it from iTunes. However, the songs or movies that are downloaded from iTunes cannot be played on other devices. That is because the DRM hinders you. Therefore, you will only be able to play those media files on the device that you used to download them. However, you might want to use them in other devices since you are not in a position to pay for it again. That’s where DRM Media Converter come into play.

If you have a huge list of iTunes movies or songs that need to be copied into another non-Apple device, you can think of purchasing a DRM Media Converter. A wide range of such media converters can be found in the modern world and Aimersoft holds a prominent place out of them. It has the potential to strip off DRM in a legal way from all your music tracks, TV shows and movies. This media converter is compatible with a wide range of media files that include WMV, WMA, ASF and HD video files. This media converter allows you to convert media files from one format to another. Therefore, you will be able to play them on a wide variety of devices including Android phones, Kindle Fires and on iOS devices.

You don’t need to possess any technical skills in order to use the DRM Media Converter. The software comes along with a user friendly interface for the convenience of users. Once you open the tool, you need to click on the add button and input all the DRM protected files into it. Then you can choose the desired output media format. Finally, you can click on Convert button and let it convert the media files for you. This process is extremely simple and you will be able to convert any DRM protected media file within few seconds.


DRM Media Converter is compatible with a large number of video formats. For example, you will be able to bypass DRM copy protection from the videos that are downloaded from BBC iPlayer, Windows Media Center, iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox Live Store, Netflix, Blockbuster, CinemaNow, FrostWire, uTorrent and so on. On the other hand, you can remove DRM protection from almost all the audio formats including M4B, M4P, M4A and the other files that are downloaded from Pandora, Napster, iMesh, KaZa, iMeem and so on.

The best thing about DRM Media Converter is that you have the opportunity to convert these downloaded media files to any format you wish. Therefore, you can think of playing them in any device out there. All these features come at an affordable price tag and the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. It is totally worth to spend your money on DRM Media Converter and remove DRM protection rights legally instead of paying for the same media file twice.

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  • Nick

    You should have mentioned it does so in real time. ie if an audio book from audible takes 30 hours then your computer will have to run for 30 hours to remove DRM.

  • Bill

    the software works great! but there is a time limit, I discovered unless you pay the higher price the software was only good for one year, and it CANNOT be transfered to another computer. also the download site from the original order has been deleted.

    • Hi Bill, first it’s one-time payment for life-time usage. If you ever ordered it and want to installed it on a new computer, just use the same code to activate it after installation. In case you forget the registration code, please simply get to Aimersoft support at to retrieve a new one.