The Awesome Wonders Of TunesGo

TunesGo is a nice, universal application specially designed to work on iOS and Android devices. It is the world’s first mobile transfer application of its kind that keeps track of all your cellular activities within a premise. In fact, the development of the software is aimed at managing your iTunes and iOS files perfectly. Therefore, TunesGo is just a mediator between iDevices and iTunes. By purchasing this app, you should be ready to enjoy lots of upgrade of specifications absent in iTunes. However, TunesGo is in no way superior to iTunes because it operates on iTunes platform.

TunesGo for Windows and Mac

Download TunesGo (Windows)

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TunesGo offers users with varieties of specifications to suit their needs and conditions. A fascinating feature of this app is that it’s easy going and does not require any special expertise to be operated. These features are just appetite wetters for people like me that adore things being done with just a click of the phone. It also offers a platform for easier import and export of files, install and uninstall of previously downloaded apps.

Other special features I enjoy on this application are the ease and simplicity with which I transfer files from iTunes playlists to my computer. In fact, this is more than a simple task. It also offers options to copy files on multiple iDevices and at the same time, convert them to iOS optimized files. With TunesGo, I can root my devices safely, backup my SMS, manage my contacts, audio books, TV shows, Tunes U, and lots more. With a single click on the De-duplicate button, duplicate files can be deleted. It’s just a fun using this app. An advantage of the de- duplicate button is that it frees up more space on your memory. Another accessory this platform offers is the ability to root your device easily and safely. It just requires you to press the 1-Click-Root button and TunesGo completes the task.


In addition to this, you can recover missing or corrupted files from your iTunes library to your phone. TunesGo also gives you an opportunity to download and listen to songs of your choice free of charge. Similarly, it organizes a perfect music library for you. It automatically removes or recovers missing and incomplete files.

One of the heart-pounding features of this app is that it is very expensive. But as you afford it, its specifications help work through the trauma. The app is worth the price.

Using this app is an awesome experience. Another disadvantage of TunesGo is that you can’t edit smart playlist. But all is well if you relate this to the surplus of accessories TunesGo offers. Therefore, TunesGo app for iOS and smartphone users is recommended because it was developed by a trusted and popular household names for Mac and Windows. The app is also a blessing to our eyes. With TunesGo, we can give our eyes a break from the constant squinting it undergoes in a bid to look at small screens.