How to Convert AVI for Adding to iMovie

The iMovie is an excellent video editing application for Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch). In iMovie, you can import and edit photos and video clips and add titles, music, and effects, including basic color correction and video enhancement tools and transitions such as fades and slides. The iMovie only supports

Remove DRM from iTunes Rented Movies on Mac OS X Mavericks

The movies rented from iTunes Store can be kept for 30 days. However, after you start playing the movie, you have only 24 hours to watch it. If you want to keep the rented movies for a longer time or watch them without restriction, you may consider getting them removed from DRM and converted to

Convert Video for Playing on iPad Air

If you have lots of video files downloaded from the Internet, or movie clips imported from camcorders, and want to move them onto your iPad Air for playing, you should know that not all of them can be transferred to the device successfully. This is because the iPad Air only supports certain video file types. If the video

How to Convert DVD for Editing in iMovie

What is iMovie? iMovie is a video editing application for use on Apple devices, including Mac desktops and laptops, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch. iMovie lets you create movies with photos, video clips and music with ease. The latest iMovie 11 (Mac) has the ability to make trailers for home movies, more control