Convert MKV to M4V on Mac for free with Subler

By Paul Horowitz from

If you have MKV movie files you’ve probably noticed they can’t be played on an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or a variety of other players. Not to worry though, because MKV video can be easily converted to the compatible M4V format using a free tool called Subler. If you want to get technical, this isn’t actually converting the video because MKV files are packages, basically Subler just repackages the MKV into an M4V, which can then be played in iOS and elsewhere. Anyway, it’s easy to use and very fast, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

Converting MKV Video to M4V with Subler

Subler relies on Perian to work properly, if you don’t have Perian yet be sure to download that before beginning.

Convert MKV to M4V on Mac with Subler

  • Optionally, add metadata as appropriate
  • Hit Command+S to save the M4V file and select a destination

Save MKV as M4V

You’ll see a “Saving” progress but Subler works very quickly, you shouldn’t have to wait long for the repackage regardless of the origin MKV video size. The resulting M4V video can now be synced through iTunes to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, played directly on an Apple TV, or watched on any other device or app that supports M4V.

If you need to convert other video types to iOS compatible format, Wondershare Video Converter for Mac works great for that.