You can easily extract audio track from video files on Mac using Video Converter Ultimate. How about converting video to audio without downloading any third-party software? If you are using the latest Mac OS X Lion, there is good news for you.

Converting a video file to an audio track is made extremely easy with the help of Mac OS X Lion’s new media encoding abilities that are built directly into the Finder. This has been tested to work with .mov, .m4v, .mpg, and mp4, and the resulting audio track is 256kbps m4a file:

1. Locate the video you want converted to an audio track and right-click on it

2. From the bottom of the menu, select “Encode Selected Video Files”

Convert Video to Audio

3. At the “Encode Media” window, pull down the contextual menu next to “Setting” and select “Audio Only”

4. Click “Continue” or set the destination to another location if necessary

Convert Video to Audio on Mac OS X Lion

The encoder works very fast, and you’ll end up with a .m4a audio file of the same name in the same folder as the source video. Open the file to bring it into the iTunes library for playing and syncing to an iPod or iPhone.

Speaking of iTunes, you can use the same Finder encoders in Lion to convert audio files to m4a format, which can then be added to iTunes as well.

Note: If you don’t see the Encode options when you right-click media files, you need to enable them first:

1. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu

2. Click on “Keyboard” and then click on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab

3. Select “Services” from the left, and scroll on the right for “Encode Selected Audio Files” and “Encode Selected Video Files”

Enable media encoders in Mac OS X Lion

4. Check the box next to both of those options and close out of System Preferences

5. Confirm encoding tools are now enabled by right-clicking on an audio or video file and looking for the Encode option