The iPhoto for Mac lets users import pictures from digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs and the Internet to the library. You can edit the imported photos with basic image manipulation tools, such as a red-eye filter, contrast and brightness adjustments, cropping and resizing tools, and other basic functions. With Mac iPhoto app, you can also create dynamic slideshows with the imported photos for playing on your Mac in full screen.

If you want to open your slideshow in another application or play your slideshow on a portable device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android phone and tablet, etc., you need to export the slideshow to video first.

To export iPhoto slideshow to video,

1. From iPhoto, select the slideshow in the SLIDESHOWS list.

2. Click the Export button below the preview window.

Alternatively, you can also choose File > Export, and then switch to the Slideshow tab.

3. Depending on the device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Computer) on which you are going to play your slideshow, select one or more sizes ranging from Mobile (480 x 270), Medium (640 x 360), Large (960 x 540), to Display (1422 x 800).

export iPhoto slideshow

4. If you want to transfer your slideshow to iTunes, tick the “Automatically send slideshow to iTunes” option. Then, you can sync your iPhoto slideshow video to your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes with ease.

Note: By clicking the “Custom Export…” button, you will be able to choose the output format you need and the location to save your slideshow. You can customize the video and audio parameters as well. Click the Save button to start to export your iPhoto slideshow to video.

export iPhoto slideshow to video

If you don’t want to make such settings, simply jump to step 5.

5. Click the Export button.

6. Choose a location to save your slideshow and click OK to start to export your slideshow to video.