In this post, I’d like to show you how to jailbreak iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Before getting started, please take note this method does not work for iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.3. So if your iPhone 5 is running iOS 6.1.2 or below, please do not upgrade to 6.1.3 if you want to get your device jailbroken. (This is because the newly released iOS 6.1.3 patches the methods used by the Evasi0n tool to jailbreak iOS 6 through iOS 6.1.2.)

How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 Untethered with Evasi0n 1.5.3

1. Make sure your iPhone 5 is running iOS 6.1.2 or below (iOS 6.0 – 6.1.2)
2. Back up your iPhone 5 with iTunes or iCloud – this is important because it allows you to unjailbreak without losing any of your files or personal data
3. Download Evasi0n 1.5.3 and unzip it
4. Temporarily turn off the passcode to prevent any conflicts by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock
5. Launch Evasi0n (right-click and Open in OS X, run as Administrator in Windows) and connect the iPhone 5 to the computer using the standard USB cable
6. When your device is recognized, click on “Jailbreak” to begin, the entire process takes a minute or two and is generally very fast
7. Towards the end of the progress indicator, you will be told to find and tap the “Jailbreak” icon on the iPhone 5 home screen, do that when necessary
8. The device will reboot itself and will be jailbroken, find the brown Cydia icon on the home screen and launch it
9. Select either “User” or “Hacker” from the Cydia choices and be on your way

Jailbreak iPhone 5 with EvasiOn 1.5.3