How to play iTunes movies on Android

Apple’s tech gadgets have made their brand name well settled for the past decade by making its iPhones totally distinguished from all of its competitors. As everyone knows that different gadgets and smart phone companies have their own markets and stores, from where users can buy the premium services or download the free ones. Apple has named its online market as iTunes, which contains more than 30 million songs, around 1 million podcasts, thousands of music videos, audiobooks, movies and TV shows and it’s all the part of amazing online entertainment offered by iPhone and Apple. However, for privacy and security reasons, Apple encodes movies, music videos and TV shows in iTunes stores with the help of M4V files, which are protected by DRM copyright protection of Apple and that’s where problem initiates. Because, competitive rivalry of Android OS and Apple is not hidden from anyone, which means, in order to play an iTunes M4V protected movie on an Android device, we have to remove DRM protection by any way possible.

What is DRM?

DRM (acronym Digital Rights Management) is a well organized and a coherent methodology to apply copyright protection for digital media. Practically, the purpose of DRM is to intercept the illegal reselling or redistribution of digital media and block the consumers from copying the content they’ve bought. DRM products were launched because of rapid increase in piracy issues of commercial material. Usually Digital Rights Management works with the assistance of embedding code that prevents copying, enumerates a time span in which the content can be approached or reduces the number of devices/gadgets the media can be installed.

What do users want? And what is the solution?

Apple charges around 30 cents per song for removing DRM in order to allow their copying in other device. Charges may not be much if there is only one song. Now you are a smart phone user who wants to migrate from Apple’s iTunes to Android and do not know what to do if you have got hundreds and thousands of media files in your iPhone and do not want to pay a lot? In this case, it depends solely upon you, whether to pay some real big bucks for removal of DRM or be ready to sacrifice your precious stored data? Well, worry no more, DRM Media Converter comes to the rescue. With it, you can easily remove DRM and convert your songs, movies, audiobooks or TV shows into mp4 file format without even paying a single cent out of your pocket. This software has perfectly simple interface to use and you do not need to be an expert for converting videos through. DRM Media Converter is available for free on trial basis. However the trial version only converts the first one minute of the DRM media file. If you want to convert longer DRM files, you can upgrade to the full version as well.

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To convert iTunes movies with DRM Media Converter, you can follow the guide here.