Rip DVD to iTunes Video on Mac using Handbrake

No doubt you can purchase movies and TV shows from the iTunes store ready for playback on iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch, but if you already own the DVD, you don’t want to waste your money on the same movie a second time. Instead, you can rip the DVD to an iTunes compatible video file on your computer, move it into iTunes library, and then sync it to your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch. The program I’d like to recommend to do this is called HandBrake, and it’s available for free.

1. Download HandBrake from to your Mac.

Rip DVD to iTunes with HandBrake

2. Insert a DVD and launch HandBrake. If HandBrake doesn’t recognize the DVD as a source automatically, you may have to click “Browse” and direct HandBrake to your DVD drive.

3. HandBrake will analyze the DVD and let you choose the title and chapters you want to rip for your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch (in general, you’ll want the first title and every chapter). You can get an idea of which title is the main DVD title by choosing the title duration that matches the movie’s playtime.

4. Click the “Presets” button on the top right of the HandBrake window on the Mac. You’ll see several presets; choose the iPhone and iPod Touch preset.

5. Now just click the “Start” button and sit back while HandBrake rips the DVD to one big file. This can take a while, so you won’t be able to rip a DVD on your way out the door to the airport. Make sure you plan ahead.

6. When HandBrake finishes ripping the DVD, drag the file into iTunes for syncing to your iPad /  iPod Touch / iPhone whenever you want to.