The Solution to Removing DRM from Apple Music

Apple may have been a bit late on the uptake with their release of Apple Music in 2015, but many will agree it was worth the wait. It has everything we’ve come to expect from Apple: hyper-customization, user-friendly interface, and intelligent suggestions. Listeners have been consistently impressed with Apple Music’s “For You” tab, which does an uncannily good job of making relevant music suggestions based on your listening history. For those new to the Apple world, Apple Music is a separate entity from iTunes. iTunes users actually purchase each song or album, thus becoming the owner of the music. As the owner, you can do whatever you like with your music. Apple Music, on the other hand, is a subscription service – you’re just paying a monthly fee for access to their library, so you don’t own the tunes.

Like other music streaming services, their music files do have DRM (digital rights management) attached, which basically keeps us from downloading a bunch of songs then canceling our Apple Music subscription. Removing DRM from your music is the best way to ensure that you can continue enjoying it even after your subscription has ended. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do, if you have the right tools.

The Sidify Apple Music Converter is your solution to enjoying your Apple Music favorites long after you’ve canceled your subscription to the service. Using this tool to convert your favorite songs into different formats allows you to play them on a multitude of other devices, such as iPods, Androids, gaming systems, MP3 players, and more. Some other converting services mar the sound quality, but Sidify guarantees conversion while maintaining 100% of the track’s original sound integrity. This is probably the most important item on your list, but it gets even better.

Sidify converts your music into DRM-free formats quickly, and keeps the tags on your songs for easy organization in your music library. For Apple consumers looking to make their music collection usable without the hassle of DRM, there really is no better tool. And no matter how many updates iOS undergoes, Sidify will always strive to keep the program updated and ready to go when you are. It is guaranteed for life.

There are just a few simple steps for making your Apple Music DRM a thing of the past:

1. Download the Sidify Apple Music Converter for your Mac or PC

Purchase for Instant Download (Mac)

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2. Launch the converter and add your Apple Music tracks of choice

Add Apple Music Songs

3. Select your favorite format (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV)

Select Output Format

4. Click “Convert” to start removing the DRM from your music

Start to Convert Apple Music

No special hardware is needed on your part, and you don’t even have to hang around while your files are converting. It’ll run quickly and independently, leaving you with a DRM-free playlist of your favorite tracks. So if you find yourself with a collection of inoperable Apple Music, Sidify is your solution. Don’t let DRM stop you from listening to your favorite tunes!

Please take note that you are allowed to remove DRM from Apple Music for personal use only.