How to play iTunes movies on Android

Apple’s tech gadgets have made their brand name well settled for the past decade by making its iPhones totally distinguished from all of its competitors. As everyone knows that different gadgets and smart phone companies have their own markets and stores, from where users can buy the premium services or download the free ones. Apple

Why iTunes Videos Are Not Playable in Android Devices?

The reason why iTunes videos are not playable in Android phones and tablets is the Apple’s iTunes DRM. DRM means digital rights management. According to Wikipedia, DRM is basically a restriction set by hardware manufacturers to limit the use of their digital contents to a certain device or specified category of devices only. In this

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

The songs you purchased through iTunes Store cannot be directly transferred to Android devices for playing. If you switched to an Android phone or tablet and now you want to move songs previously purchased from iTunes onto the device, you may end in failure. The reason is that iOS and Android are two different mobile operating systems and

Transfer iTunes Movies to Android Phone

Hi, I’ve got a couple of movies on the iTunes library that I wanted to transfer to my Android phone, its a HTC. my iPod hasn’t got enough space, so is there a program or a way that I can put my movies onto my phone? As a matter of fact, you cannot directly transfer