Take DVD’s onto iPad

The Apple iPad is an excellent portable device for watching HD movies, playing HD games, listening to favorite songs, picking up podcasts, making best of various interesting and creative apps and more. However, if you have several DVD movie discs and want to take them onto your iPad, you may fall into trouble as iPad does not have a disc drive. To watch movies on your iPad, you can either purchase them from the iTunes Store or have the movies in iPad supported format stored in your computer. Since you’ve owned the discs already, I don’t think you are willing to pay them twice. Besides, it’s no easy task to find and download the movie files on the Internet for free due to copyright protections.

So if you do have DVD disc movies at hand and want to watch them on your iPad to kill time during a long journey, why not get a DVD to iPad Converter to help you? With this kind of converter, you just import the disc into your computer DVD drive and the converter will do the rest. Normally, it may take about 30 minutes to convert a 2-hour movie. You just have the converter running and switch to do other important things. The DVD discs will be ripped to iPad compatible (H.264/MPEG-4) files and saved to your computer. Then you just launch iTunes, add the converted movie files to the library and transfer them to your iPad with the sync of iTunes.

Take DVD onto iPad

Now you just feel free to enjoy your DVD movies on your iPad on the go!