How to Transfer Music from an Old iPhone to iPhone 8

Getting the new iPhone 8 and opening the sleekly designed box and using iOS 11 for the first time is exciting but suddenly you realize that you need to transfer all your old data onto your new phone? Particularly music, which seems to take up so much space. Well we’ve got you sorted with this step by step guide to transferring music from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 8 using iTunes alternatives like TunesGo. TunesGo will allow you to transfer videos, photos and most importantly – music. TunesGo will also transfer all the elements attached to the music file such as playlists, album artwork and ratings. TunesGo is really easy to use and download and you can try it free before you buy it, so you can make sure you are 100% happy with it before spending any money on the software.

1.Transferring selected songs

Download TunesGo for Windows

Download TunesGo for Mac

– After downloading the software, open it up and connect both iPhones to your computer. On the main toolbar at the top of screen, click the music tab and then click export from the drop down menu.

transfer music from old iphone to iphone 8

– A list of all available music on your old iPhone will appear. Select the songs that you want to move across and the select export. A drop down menu will appear and you can then choose which device to move it to – in this case it will probably be iPhone 8.

2.Transferring all music

– Same as before, connect both of your phones to the computer. Select the phone that you want to transfer from and then click the phone-to-phone transfer option on the main home tab.

iphone to iphone 8 transfer
– This will take you onto the next window where you can then select the phone that you want to move the music to and then click next to move on to the next window.
– All items and data will automatically be selected. Uncheck all these items except music and then click transfer to begin moving the music from one phone to another.

iphone 8 music transfer

Using an iTunes alternative such as TunesGo has a few advantages over using iTunes. The main one is probably how quick and hassle free it is to use. iTunes can be clunky and slow and sometimes be a bit fiddly to get it going. Using iTunes can create a lot more steps than are needed to a simple data transfer from phone to phone. With TunesGo however, the steps are so easy to follow and simple to use that you will have all your data transferred in no time. TunesGo will maintain the same audio quality that existed on the original phone and will automatically recognize any duplicate files and then only transfer the original files. TunesGo will transfer all purchased music, as well as non-purchased, downloaded and ripped files meaning that everything on your old phone can be transferred to your new one.