Transfer Video from PC to iPad

If you have several favorite videos saved in your PC hard drive and want to watch them on your iPad, you got the right place. In this post, I’d like to show you how to transfer videos from PC to iPad. Before getting started, make sure you have iTunes installed.

1. Import videos into iTunes library

If the videos are in MPEG4 format, you can directly add them to the library by clicking “File -> Add File to Library…” or “File -> Add Folder to Library…” in the interface of iTunes. The videos will be loaded into the “Movies” section of your iTunes library very quickly.

PC to iPad

If the videos you want to enjoy on your iPad are in non-MPEG4 format, you need a converter that will get the videos converted to iPad supported MPEG4. The iPad Video Converter from Aiseesoft is a pretty good tool of this kind. After the conversion process, you can start to import the output files into iTunes.

2. Connect your iPad with your PC

3. Sync the videos to iPad

When the videos are in the “Movies” section of your library, you can then drag and drop them to the “Movies” section of your iPad in the “DEVICES” panel. Then the videos will be transferred from your PC to your iPad.


To transfer songs, videos, movies, TV shows, photos and more between iPad and PC, please download iPad Transfer to help you.