Trim Video on Mac with QuickTime

QuickTime usually acts as a video player app, but it also has a few other features that are extremely easy to use. With QuickTime, you can easily take a movie recording, an audio recording and a screen recording. Here, I’d like to focus on the trimming function of QuickTime. It lets you shorten the total length of the movie clip by trimming it down to a shorter length.

trim video on Mac

  • Open a compatible video with QuickTime (use a video converter app to make it a .mov or .mp4 if desired)
  • Pull down the “Edit” menu and select “Trim”, or hit Command+T
  • Drag the yellow bars left and right according to the section of the video you want the movie to be trimmed down to, then click “Trim”
  • Save the video by pulling down the File menu and choosing “Export”