TunesGo Review: A great Android and iOS manager

The TunesGo is an amazing software that that lets you discover, share and manage you music. The software and the iTunes perfectly combine well as an effective Android and iOS manager. The product has a lot to offer to the public.


  • Has an add-on mode that contains a standalone window where you can stream online
  • Allows transferring of music files in an easier and more convenient way
  • 1 GB or more hard disk space for all of your music files
  • Supports all iOS and many Android devices that make it available for most devices
  • Automatic music files format conversion to solve automatically compatibility issues

iOS Manager

  • Suport

If ever the software is not working with your device or if the device cannot be connected, they have good support that you can contact anytime.

  • Music transfer

The software does a good job in transferring your music files from your iOS devices to the iTunes library and vice versa that makes it a great iOS manager. TunesGo can move your files to your iTunes library whether you have lost computer data or experience unfortunate events. You have more freedom on transferring your files.

  • Allows recording and downloading from YouTube and various music sites

You can search and stream videos on YouTube and various music sites with this iOS manager. You can now either record or download it directly from the site and then save it on your iTunes library once you have found the video or music that you are looking for.

  • Combines Android with iTunes

The software is able to break the barriers between the two. Now, Android user can access iTunes as well just like the iOS users.

  • Music library control

With just a single click, the software analyzes and cleans the music library. You can also remove and delete missing tracks and duplicates. The software also allows you to change the album cover of your music and the best thing is that it organizes your library in a neat and beautiful manner.

  • Sharing of Playlist

With the power of just a single click from the software, you can share your playlist on iTunes to any person you wanted to. Whether you want it to be shared with your loved ones or friends, you can do it anytime and anywhere because of this great Android and iOS manager.


Only working on selected devices

The software may not run for some devices. In the company’s website, you can find the list of the tablets, phones and devices that the software works with. Even if you cannot find your device on the list, you could still try the product.

Customer Review and scores:

According to the testimonials given by user of the software states, they have found impressive software. It has been all the transferring of files from phones to iTunes to computers and vice versa easier. They feel that the software has addressed their concerns. They found it great that the software gives them more freedom than other software out in the market.

Lots of software has been created to address music lover’s concerns. Each of them has certain features they use to gain the interest from the public. One of them is the TunesGo, which is one of the good options among the other Android and iOS manager out there.